What if you could be a present mom and tap into your creative business self?

The creative outlet. The athletic passion. The social media page. The etsy shop. The hobby turned profitable at-home business venture. 

Have you ever thought that you have what it takes to run a small business from home? Or maybe you played around with the idea of starting a little something for yourself, but that mom guilt crept in...

Have you ever felt like you couldn't make a significant income working because you're a stay-at-home mom? And that's not what stay-at-home moms do?

Yep. I felt the same way.

But the more I tried to suppress my natural urge to create something for me, the deeper I fell into motherhood martyrdom. 

My content started to go viral.

It had to be an error. But then it kept happening. It wasn't an error. I had tweaked my content creation strategy to perfection and it started to catch like wildfire. That is when I realized I was onto something...

The content of my life with two young babies made its way onto my social media page. I wrote when no one listened and I filmed when no one was watching... because it was the music that needed to make its way into the world. It was the story I couldn't not tell.

After two years with zero followers I almost called it quits until... 

Two years into motherhood, I started a mom blog and matching Instagram page. My business school training and entrepreneurial roots beckoned me to create beyond university walls despite my loyalty to my family as a full-time stay-at-home mom.

Until I found that creative outlet. 

The Six Figure At Home Startup


But I'd love to save you the time I spent getting there. Six years at two top business schools, four years in two top entrepreneurship programs, five years of content creation, and my entire adult life filled with marketing know-how.

I can help you turn your story or passion into a profitable small business. And the best part? You can run it from the comfort of your home.  Yoga pants + kiddos always included.

Let me help you tell it.

My real world b-school playbook that gives you the exact blueprint I used to create a multi-six figure business from home. 

What I’ve learned is that each of us has a story to tell. If you get quiet enough with yourself, like me, the words will start to flow.

It's the story of your life, and only you are the one who can tell it.

There is an entire industry of people who make money telling their life story, and social media - amongst other internet platforms - has given us the opportunity to do that - for free. 

If you’re thinking, “Come on, Brooke. I can't make six figures telling stories about myself.” I’m here to tell you that , yes, you can. Because I did it.

 and no, it's not with multi-level marketing

I love your content and what you are sharing on routine, accountability, and resilience…The more I watch your stories the more I changed my daily routine to become the best version of myself.

Best version of myself

It's such a joy to be home with my boys, but as a Type A personality I wanted to do more. Watching Brooke as a mother and business woman / entrepreneur over the past couple years has truly been nothing short of inspirational. 

Creating this little business has been so refreshing


By watching Brooke, I realized that it's okay to be there for me. In fact, it has enhanced every part of my motherhood journey. I am a better mom because I have a creative outlet that pours into me.

I am there for them, but also for me

I desperately wanted to help women realize that caring for our bodies is not selfish, but stewarding what we were given, and necessary to sustain us into the powerhouse mothers we are. I'm not entrepreneurial, but Brooke empowered me to begin.

I felt the urge to be entrepreneurial and to be a servant

I  wanted to start a specific business when my littlest was born, but I gave it up. Brooke inspired me, and I said, "That's it! I'm doing it." Funny how someone I have never met has given me the confidence to do so. She is the very first person that will receive my product as the smallest thank you for the confidence she gave me to chase my dream of becoming my own boss. 

Brooke inspired me to start my business after I gave up

She is the person that shows me what IS possible. I'm still getting used to setting my career aside to raise my kids. Following Brooke's journey gave me the courage to not give up on my career, but to pivot it to what fit my family now and what will work for us going forward.

Brooke is a mom first and business woman second

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