Do you ever feel like the minute you open your eyes, your day starts to spiral out of control?

Have you ever tried to create a schedule that serves your needs as a mom, but it didn’t work out for your kids?

Have you ever thought, “There is no way I could get things done in the morning before my kids get up!” or “They’re only little for so long, so I don’t need time to take care of myself”?

I did too. Until, I took control.

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Maybe you do have a morning routine, but you fail to stay consistent or you’re in a rut and can’t seem to find a way out. 

I felt the same way

And, without a structure, routine, or outlet for myself, I fell into one of the darkest periods of my life.

I tried everything to get back on track

But it wasn’t until I started implementing Control Variables that I was able to regain my sense of self and operate at my highest levels for my family.

As much as I loved my children, it became exhausting giving myself 24/7 to them.

Six months after my second son was born, I ended up in the ER due to tension headaches, nausea, depression, and anxiety. It was one of the lowest points of my life, but also the wake-up call I needed.

In fact, it started out pretty rough. I got pregnant in business school and was a high-achieving woman, who decided to stay home with her kids.

Motherhood didn’t always come easy. 

Control Variables


Waking up early, before your kids, is rarely enough. You need to learn how to reset your priorities so you know what you need to get done for yourself and your family so nothing is left to chance.

It’s about defining what’s important for you to get done and planning your time before those sweet (yet demanding) little ones walk down the stairs and your day rolls into joyful chaos.

 can control. 

A transformative self-care routine for the high-achieving mom determined to make the most of her day.

What I’ve learned as a work-from-home entrepreneur and mom to four kids is that there are many variables that you cannot and will not be able to control throughout the day.

But there are certain variables that you

And seizing those opportunities can make the difference between a crappy day and one that feels fulfilling and intentional.

If you’re thinking, “Come on, Brooke. A morning routine won’t solve my problems,” I’m here to tell you it WILL. But control variables aren’t just about mornings.

I love your content and what you are sharing on routine, accountability, and resilience…The more I watch your stories the more I changed my daily routine to become the best version of myself.

Best version of myself

I hope you understand how much you have inspired me! Not only to be the best version of myself but also the best mom for my kids.

Best mom for my kids


I’m four months postpartum today and after following you I started working out four days a week. I swear if it wasn’t for you I would’ve waited before starting to work out again. I actually feel like a better mom when I work out!

I actually feel like a better mom when I work out

You have inspired me to do so much — I literally get up in the morning and exercise and get ready even if I just put on mascara…It’s the simple things and it’s taking a couple of minutes to take care of yourself that really sets the tone for the day.

Really sets the tone for the day

I downloaded your e-book on Control Variables and read it this morning and WOW! I took notes, choose my five tasks and I’m starting tomorrow morning.

I'm starting tomorrow morning


I recently came across your “control variables” and it resonated with me in a huge way! After my third baby was born I began to have chronic (daily) tension headaches and was eventually hospitalized for high blood pressure...seeing how you changed your life with the morning routine has inspired me to go deeper and change my life for the better.

It has inspired me to go deeper and change my life

Control Variables can help you:

Boost your energy

Care for your family's well-being

Restart your life

Transform your mind

Heighten cognitive function

... with the principles that reached 6.2 million people - because being a mom is the most important job there is. 

Learn how to treat being a mom like a job with this FREE how-to guide...

Set the tone for your day

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