For the stay-at-home mom looking to optimize her routines and carve out a little something for herself to the savvy woman looking for ways to integrate home and career on a higher level.

I break down the systems and strategies - that work for busy moms (juggling *all the things*) - to get them big results.

I’m Brooke Raybould.

I help ambitious women create a dynamic life inside and outside of the home.

Hey friend!

I built a high-level version of motherhood (and a six-figure business) with three boys, a laptop, and a baby on my hip.

Grab a seltzer, open your notes app, and step inside my stay-at-home office.

Cozy slippers optional!

I’m a high-achieving stay-at-home entrepreneur with a Georgetown MBA who said “no” to the corporate world and “yes” to herself.

To change the way modern mamas do motherhood…

because I was the girl who thought she had to drown in diapers and laundry. Turns out that was a lie. 

MY M.O: I'm on a mission

of course not!

But, did I go from a graduation gown to scaling the startup of my dreams?

My journey to entrepreneurship (and motherhood) was, ehh, let’s say... 

Sometimes you gotta’ switch out the playbook.

a rocky one.

I studied business in undergrad and hated it! (I even flunked out of a course.) That is until I was forced to choose a concentration and found “entrepreneurship”.

Life can get a little messy.

Sure enough, that day came and I found myself, a newlywed, sitting front-row in my opening term at Georgetown Business School, ready to make what I thought was my dream a reality: I’d build my career and empire first, and then I’d launch my best startup yet, a family. 

Ignite your day whether you’re a…

I somehow managed to bootstrap my way to building a six-figure online business.

As I was drowning in diapers + laundry!

It’s time to kick those limiting beliefs to the curb and build the life of your dreams.


Along with my laptop case and textbooks, I was holding a positive pregnancy test.  



... in the Motherhood Lab. Parenting is much like the early stages of a startup - except there are ACTUAL LIVES at stake. Learn how to setup, organize, and dominate mom life.

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My Top Parenting Guides

Regain control of your day with my transformative self-care morning routine for the high-achieving woman balancing motherhood, family, and life.

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Turn an unrelenting dream or passion into a successful business that allows you to keep your family and values at the center.


The Six Figure At Home Startup

“I found Brooke in the depths of postpartum depression and anxiety. She was a big motivator to pull myself out of it. Her messages changed my mindset and allowed me to go on to have another child. I was able to manage postpartum with so much ease. I am so proud to be a mom of two. I'm balanced and wake up with my Control Variables each day.”

Under Armour

Let’s talk about entrepreneurship, motherhood and the lessons I learned while growing an Instagram following of 350K followers and turning it into a thriving online business.

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The At Home Startup Podcast

episode #1

The At Home Podcast Premiere

episode #2

Spousal Support with My Husband, Ryan

podcast Feature

Spousal Support with My Husband, Ryan

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The American Dream of Braven Young: Book

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I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

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life on your terms

Building a Morning Routine Using Control Variables

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