What if parenting didn't have to be so stressful? And... what if parenting encouraged you to be the best version of you?

The organized version. The version of you who woke up early. The version of you who kept your promises. The fit version. The mentally self-aware and energetic version. 

You have what it takes to take control of your home life and transform it into an elevated version. But then, you doubt yourself and think, parents aren't supposed to have it all together all the time ...

Have you ever felt like you couldn't make a significant change in your home life because things were just too crazy? Or, you're too busy, too unmotivated, too excuse-driven, or too unorganized?

Yep. I felt the same way.

But the more I denied my desire to create a home environment that thrived, the deeper I fell into motherhood martyrdom. 

I started to own my mornings and it elevated every aspect of my life.

... in the words of Robin Sharma. Day after day, I built upon my morning routine until every aspect of my life became a working success. It wasn't an error. I had tweaked my motherhood routine to and turned it into a high performance practice. That is when I realized I was onto something...

I needed to change. I started working out and noticed a big improvement. But, as I approached my third child and an entrepreneurial business that grew, I still couldn't keep up.

But, my yearning to keep all the balls in the air (motherhood, business, marriage) became so strong that I finally figured it out...

Two years into motherhood, I fell into deep postpartum depression. Motherhood was my greatest joy, but somehow it had swallowed me whole. My high-achieving roots beckoned me to create something more. An environment where I could thrive, while managing the day-to-day stressors of parenthood.

It all changed the moment I started treating my home like a business and my role as "mom" as a self-improvement entity.

The At Home Empire


And? I'd love to save you the time I spent trial and erroring in my own life to get there. 

I can help you take control of your overwhelm as a parent and transform your home life into a high-functioning entity, while creating a high-performing, elevated version of YOU. 

To raise successful and thriving kids YOU must be successful and thriving first. 

Let's make you the hero. 

My real-world self-improvement playbook will give you the exact blueprint I used to create a high-performance and thriving home. 

What I’ve learned is that each of us has a story. Rather than using our story as a weapon against us, we need to use it as fuel to become better.

Your parenting journey should be the highlight in your story; not the relentless conflict.

Bottom line: you need tools, protocols, systems, and motivation to transform your home life. Sounds like a lot, doesnt it? Well, it's not.

While I may not have all the answers (because true self-improvement is a lifelong journey), I believe I have a framework of answers that will initiate powerful change.

 while creating a high-performing, elevated version of YOU. 

Let's go.

I love your content and what you are sharing on routine, accountability, and resilience…The more I watch your stories the more I changed my daily routine to become the best version of myself.

Best version of myself

I hope you understand how much you have inspired me! Not only to be the best version of myself but also the best mom for my kids.

Best mom for my kids


I’m four months postpartum today and after following you I started working out four days a week. I swear if it wasn’t for you I would’ve waited before starting to work out again. I actually feel like a better mom when I work out!

I actually feel like a better mom when I work out

You have inspired me to do so much — I literally get up in the morning and exercise and get ready even if I just put on mascara…It’s the simple things and it’s taking a couple of minutes to take care of yourself that really sets the tone for the day.

Really sets the tone for the day

I downloaded your e-book on Control Variables and read it this morning and WOW! I took notes, choose my five tasks and I’m starting tomorrow morning.

I'm starting tomorrow morning


After my third baby was born I began to have chronic (daily) tension headaches and was eventually hospitalized for high blood pressure...seeing how you changed your life with the morning routine has inspired me to go deeper and change my life for the better.

It has inspired me to go deeper and change my life

The At Home Empire

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Get this $25 download to help you create a morning routine. When you take care of the front end of your day, the rest of your day pretty much takes care of itself.

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