Episode 10:
How to Treat Being a Stay at Home Mom Like a Job

The transition from working in the corporate world to being a stay-at-home mom can be extremely difficult for new moms. But while you might receive loads of help at a new job, new moms on the other hand are often left to fend for themselves. What I found made my transition much smoother, was to apply some of the same habits I had formed in my corporate job to my new role in motherhood. Join me as I share five key practices that will help you do the same!

In this episode, I talk about…..
Our need for anticipatory structure.
Losing structure in motherhood.
The benefits of looking at motherhood as a job.
Boundaries, burnout, and scarcity mindset.
Five steps from the workplace you can apply at home.

I'm Brooke.

I’m a stay-at-home mama to a million boys, who bootstrapped her way to creating a dream-worthy life by breaking some rules along the way.

I help high-achieving women optimize their life with systems and strategies that prioritize both family and career.

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EP 10


EP 10

Ok just listened to your podcast about SAHM routine and it’s exactly why your Instagram resonated with me so much. I am a pharmacist who was used to 14 hour work days and I went from that to being a SAHM due to Covid then a Mom of 2 under 2 and your rituals make such a difference. But the reason why I wanted to message you is I’m so glad you’re doing a podcast. I am trying to be better in not being on my phone and have REALLY restricted social media lately since I feel like it’s just not productive for me personally and I like that I can listen to your content while I’m either taking a walk or folding laundry or doing dishes during nap time it makes me so much more focused and productive. I struggled with PPD at first and the adjustment was ROUGH hearing you talk about motherhood is so inspiring thanks for providing these resources for SAHMs everywhere

It has made me so much more focused and productive. 

Take a peek around.

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