Episode 3:
How to Balance High Ambition with Living Fully featuring Mallory Ervin

Being an achiever can be a good thing, but what happens when it becomes addictive? Today’s guest, Mallory Ervin, explains exactly that. Mallory shares why winning Miss Kentucky, becoming fourth runner-up in Miss America, and participating two-times over in the Amazing Race were achievements that left her high up on a mountain top feeling unfulfilled and only wanting more. 

In this episode we discuss:
How being addicted to achievements stole her life, and nearly pushed her to death
How to balance being a high achiever healthily
How to detach yourself from pleasure-seeking, and how to go for happiness instead
How she balances running a business in the spotlight as a mom, and how to prioritize it all
How to know your enough point
And, is outsourcing worth it? Or, does it add more fuel to the fire?

Get Mallory’s book: https://amzn.to/3CEg6ZS

Pre Order Mallory’s 2nd Book: https://amzn.to/3rD3wnm


Mallory Ervin, author of the national bestseller Living Fully, is a Kentucky-grown, Nashville-living dreamer who had a roundabout way of arriving at today. From her time in the Miss America pageant to being a three-time contestant on The Amazing Race, Mallory turned her passion for sharing her love of fashion, beauty, and life into a platform for impact. Today she runs a global lifestyle brand she founded in 2016, hosts the Living Fully podcast, where she encourages and inspires her dedicated followers to seek joy and live fully, and appears across platforms ranging from Instagram to YouTube, sharing her life and message of living fully. She and her husband, Kyle, have three children, Ford, Shepherd, and their new baby, Sunday. 

I'm Brooke.

I’m a stay-at-home mama to a million boys, who bootstrapped her way to creating a dream-worthy life by breaking some rules along the way.

I help high-achieving women optimize their life with systems and strategies that prioritize both family and career.

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